RealTime Work Pass

Turn your unused inventory into ancillary revenues with the RealTime Workspace module.

Work-from-home can now be work-from-hotel and with the proper tools, your property can provide new memorable experiences in spaces that adhere to cleanliness protocols.

During low-demand times, it is difficult to drive revenues through traditional methods; however allocating sleeping rooms and packaging them with hotel amenities for day-use offers your local customers an alternative work environment. And with RealTime Workspace, the transition into this new revenue source is easy to implement and easy to use

Feature Benefits:

  • Generate revenue from unsold room inventory
  • Offer a full array of hotel amenities to drive ancillary revenue
  • Customize a variety of packages, featuring different spaces and amenities around your hotel
  • Market to day-use guests directly
  • Enable guests to book directly though our interactive platform
  • Enhance guest experience with personalized amenities
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converted-work from anywhere- Guy sitting with laptop poolside
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